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Evergreen North Shopping Center
3735 Evergreen Parkway, Evergreen, CO 80439
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Free Meditation
with Shivarudra Balayogi
from Himalaya, India

Date: Wednesday, May 13th 7-9:30 PM
& Thursday, May 14th 7-9:30 PM
Friday May 15th 9am-1pm
Place: 3735 Evergreen Parkway, Evergreen, CO. 80439

Tysu Joga Tysu Joga

About the Instructors

Tysu is a Yoga Instructor with an unmatched dedication and love for what she does. She has taken her own personal training to the next level. She is certifiied in Classical Hatha Yoga 200, Ashtanga 300, ERYT 500, RYT 500, YOTC.

The best part of a Tysu Yoga class is Tysu's own personal teaching style. She has the experience to know exactly what a student needs.

Take a Tysu Yoga class and walk out feeling peaceful, invigorated, and uplifted.

Robert has an advanced certification through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago to teach Classical Hatha Yoga and meditation. He is certified to teach Yoga for Heart and cancer patients. RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, He has studied, practiced and taught Yoga since 1970.

Karen Lewis, RYT 500, teaches gentle yoga from an array of approaches encouraging self-awareness, aimed at enhancing one's quality of life.
Her approach encourages each to develop internal awareness, respond to present needs and abilities, and is enjoyed for its flow, variety, and sattvic afterglow.
Her classes are appropriate to the needs of students of all experience levels and abilities.
She practiced raja yoga for years before training with Max Strom (Vinyasa), Sujata Stevens (Anusara), Judith Lasater (Iyengar), and Aadil Palkhivala (Purna Yoga). She has taught for 8 years.

Arthur Ginley first found Yoga in Israel 5 years ago, where he found a deep connection with the challenges and the subtleties of yoga practice. He acquired a 200 hour YTT teaching license at the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda (RIMYA) in 2012. Arthur believes that the benefits of yoga do not only come from the classroom, but from the practice of the fundamentals of yoga in one’s every day life. His greatest goal as a teacher is to give his students the tools to take yoga home with them; so they may develop their understanding of yoga and get the most benefit from their practice wherever they may be in life.
About My Class: Starts Tuesday September 3rd
Tuesday 5:15–6:15pm
Beginner’s Yoga – Focusing on Vinyasa and Yoga Fundamentals
- Class will go over various Vinyasas (flows) and help students develop the ability to seamlessly move from one Asana to the next. Following the initial Vinyasas the class will focus on a set of different poses and how each pose should be done to get the most benefit, as well as variations, contraindications and counter poses. At the end of class will be a short Yoga Nidra – sometimes including Yoga breathing exercises - to help get everyone back home feeling relaxed and renewed. (Any questions about basic Yoga concepts whether physical, spiritual or philosophical are welcomed and encouraged)
Disclaimer: I am not a licensed Yoga Therapist and cannot advise or treat students with serious physical ailments.

Chelsea Hansen, RYT 200, was introduced to yoga as a tool for stress management during her first semester of college in 2005. Earlier this year, Chelsea graduated from the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda. Her mission is to create a safe and loving space for each student to connect with their own authentic self. She believes each student's path is unique, although we can learn and grow together through the energy shared during asana. Chelsea's classes integrate high-energy vinyasa with expression of classical ashtanga and hatha postures.

Anna Pergola , was initially accredited as a Qigong instructor in 1997 and has taught continually since then throughout metropolitan Denver. She has shared the wide range of Qigong benefits with students enrolled in classes at recreation centers, hospitals, community mental health programs and private studios. Some of the current forms she enjoys teaching include, T'ai Chi Chih®, TaijiFITTM, Moving for Better Balance, Coiling Silk Qigong, Five Animal Frolics and Taiji Ruler Qigong.

Using Qigong as a vital resource for continuing wellness, Anna is privileged to work as a consultant for Recovering Spirit, LLC, bringing the benefits of Qigong to clients enrolled in a holistic health program designed to aid in recovery from addiction. She also applies her Qigong background as a certified instructor in GZSPNTM Foundations ( a program for people with Parkinson's disease).

Anna has conducted presentations for various organizations including OLLI West/University of Denver Speaker Series, Jefferson County Public Schools, Colorado Department of Education, Special District Association and The Tennyson Center for Children. She is available for group and private lessons as well as custom-designed presentations. Feel free to contact Anna at anna@peacemovementqigong.com.


Vinyasa Yoga
A flowing, dynamic form of yoga created by the synchronization of asana (body position)and pranayama (breath control). Specific breath-movement sequences are used to transition between sustained postures. This alignment of breath and body allows the mind to relax while providing physical benefits to the physique.

Yoga on Colorado

"Knowledge is power, but the greatest knowledge is self knowledge"   by Sri Yukteswar

About Yoga

The regular practice of Yoga can provide many real and noticeable benefits. These include more energy, physical and spriritual healing, flexibility, gracefulness, youthfulness, and stress reduction.

By regular Yoga practice of Hatha or Ashtanga Yoga, the Srotas and the 72,000 nadies, or meridian accupuncture points are stimulated for every organ in our body including the brain and the skin. Catch fewer colds and flu bugs from learning some deep breathing techniques.

YOGA BY TYSU located at the Evergreen North Shopping Center
3735 Evergreen Parkway, Evergreen, Colorado 80439Meditation Tree

Why do I practice Yoga?

Yoga has kept me (Tysu) youthful with an exceptional good health! And my body and mind Buzz with Joy! Robert who teaches on Monday 6:30 PM "Yoga for Stiff Men" is 72 years old. And He too-"Buzz with joy and Happiness!"

1. Shivarudra Balayogi will be coming to our Yoga studio on June 4th & 6th.
              If you would like to meditate deeper or learn to meditate with a Great Saint.
              May 13th (7-9 PM). Ask any daring spiritual questions you want!
              May 14th (7-9 PM). Ask any daring spiritual questions you want!
              May 15th (10 - 12noon) Meditation and few more questions and answers!

2. Yoga Mats for Sale. 74" long by 1/4" thick. $25.
              Compare at a regular yoga mat of 68" long by 1/8" thick.
3. Yoga bags for sale at $10 each and $18 each.
4. For Sale are special spiritual and inspirational books, CDs, eye pillows, netti pots, yoga belts.

5. Bring a friend to try out any one Yoga classes for Free!
And if your friend signs up for an unlimited or monthly classes, you can win a prize.
(Your choice of "How to Live series or receive 20% off on any other items for sale).

6. Remember Meditation on the last Wednesday each month! Bring a friend. It's Free!

As we age, one of the best treasure is Great Health and an Alert Mind!
Do not let life pass you by. Do Yoga with Tysu, Robert and Karen!

Tysu Jung

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